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Sharing Cymbeline: Act III

By Cymbeline Anthropocene on Sep 24, 2020 at 04:45 PM in Project News

The Willow Globe team's Sharing Cymbeline project recently presented their community's latest renditions from act III of Cymbeline. Act III is rife with deception, revenge schemes, secret identities, unwitting family reunions, and a classically cross-dressed heroine, with Innogen disguised as Fidele to escape a murder plot.

Tune in to Susanna Best and Phil Bowen's review of Act III above, and enjoy a sample from the community contributions below: including a bitterly infatuated Cloten, and a speech by Belarius, as interpreted by a number of talented youth actors. For more community scenes, and to check out Acts I and II, follow this link to the Shakespeare Link UK website!