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“Imogen in the Wild” Previews: Part 1

By Cymbeline Anthropocene on May 06, 2021 at 06:57 PM in Project News

April was a month of riches for Cymbeline in the Anthropocene! Between the excitement of Rob Conkie’s Melbourne Cymbeline and the Globe 4 Globe symposium last month, Shakespeare in Yosemite released eight video previews of their production, Imogen in the Wild, on Earth Day. Last week, this blog presented the original music videos among these, and today, we feature a group of scene previews featuring Cymbeline’s wiliest villain: Iachimo.

We first get a glimpse of Shakespeare in Yosemite’s dramaturgical twists in this adapted scene between Iachimo (Lisa Wolpe) and the Queen/Queenie (Connie Stetson). Incorporating lines from Macbeth and Othello with the original text of Cymbeline, this scene has these two villainous characters colluding against environmental activists—led by Posthumus/Leo—who are protesting Mayor Cymbeline’s exploitative energy dealings. Introducing a number of the adapted elements of this production, this scene adds layers of motivation to Iachimo’s later meddling in the marriage of Leo and Imogen.


This second scene opens on the aforementioned protests, here observed by Imogen (Sofia Andom). Imogen seems curious, and discusses the protests with Ranger Lucia—Lucius in the original text, played here as a park ranger by real-life Yosemite ranger Jess Rivas. Although Lucia insists that she “must remain neutral” because of her occupation, a clear understanding emerges between the two women, and concludes with Imogen silently joining the protesters, taking an extra sign offered to her by one of the marchers. This change of heart is mirrored as the scene cuts to footage of Iachimo in the forest, staring in awe at the mountain landscape. Iachimo crosses paths with Ranger Lucia, and though he at first speaks mockingly to this “natural philosopher,” her words seem to inspire in him a transformation similar to Imogen’s… suggesting that this antagonist may come to regret his villainy against the environment.


Enjoy the videos above, and join us next week as we discuss the remaining previews from Imogen in the Wild in anticipation of the film’s September release. Meanwhile, you can follow Shakespeare in Yosemite at @yosemiteshakes on Twitter and Instagram, and Cymbeline in the Anthropocene @ecocymbeline.

“Imogen in the Wild” Previews: Part 1