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Announcement: CA documentary on CBC Ideas

By Cymbeline Anthropocene on Aug 28, 2022 at 02:52 PM in Project News

As we return from a restful break after the Eco-Shakespeare in Performance Symposium, Cymbeline in the Anthropocene is pleased to announce the air date for a mini-documentary featuring our project and collaborators created by Pauline Holdsworth of IDEAS. A long-running culture and politics radio show produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), IDEAS will feature Cymbeline in the Anthropocene on their upcoming September 7th episode, airing at 8pm local time in Canada (8:30 in Newfoundland). The show will later be available on demand on the CBC Podcasts app. 

Join us the evening of September 7th to listen live as project leader Randall Martin, researcher Rebecca Salazar, and many of our collaborating theatre directors, actors, and scholars reflect on the 3-year effort that became Cymbeline in the Anthropocene