The Marjanishvili Theatre

Tbilisi, Georgia

Artistic Director: Levan Tsuladze

Producer: Eka Mazmishvili

The Marjanishvili Theatre

Marjanishvili Theatre premieres a minimum of ten shows per season, maintains a repertoire of over 30 existing productions, and performs for 50,000 spectators every season.

One of the most revered theatres in Georgia, itself one of the world’s great theatre cultures, the Marjanishvili was founded in 1928 by the famous Georgian Stage Director Kote Marjanishvili.

“The aim of art is very simple - to bring happiness and instill courage “ – Kote Marjanishvili based his concept of new theatre on new drama and classics, a unique ensemble of artists, and the new technologies of that time.

With its roots in a glorious past, Marjanishvili’s present is determined by several factors: it is led by one of the most distinguished leaders of contemporary Georgian Culture, Artistic Director Levan Tsuladze and the team around him; it pursues a public oriented repertory strategy; and engages in the constant search for a new, contemporary theatre language. The repertoire presents the classics of world literature alongside contemporary drama. 

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