Stanislavsky Theater

Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Director: Dunay Yespaev Amandykovich

Translator: Togzhan Amandykov

Stanislavsky Theater Karaganda Midsummer Night's Dream

The history of the theater is unique and dates back to 1930 when, on the basis of an amateur propaganda team in Semipalatinsk, the Mobile Theater for Propaganda and Cultural Work "Live Newspaper" was organized, which was transformed into a mobile theater in 1932 as part of the Turksib political train. 

"Tens of thousands of kilometers by rail, narrow gauge, in cars, on horses, traveled the theater over the years. Hundreds of thousands of spectators watched the theater's performances," wrote the first director, art director and part-time theater playwright, Vasily Portnov, in the Socialist Karaganda newspaper. Portnov's sketches were performed by a team traveling in three train cars, one of which housed the actors, and the other two in which props were transported and rehearsals were held. 

The theater was given its permanent home in the Miners' Palace of Culture in 1951, in Karaganda. In 1963, the theater was named after Konstantin S Stanislavsky.

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